October 2018 Minutes

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October 17, 2018 6:30 p.m.
Ellsworth Segear and Company; Essex Junction VT

Present: President Johnny Mendez; Vice-President and Treasurer Lisa Segear; Secretary; VCTI liaison and Sanctions officer Susan Harrington; Professionals’ Liaison Jillian Frascoia; Test chair/Officials’ Liaison Donna Zarro; Bridget Thabault; Jessica Martorella, Safety officer Tom Kalamasz; OTI Liasion Deb Kalamasz

Meeting called to order at 6:39 by President Johnny Mendez. Motion to approve the September minutes as amended passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: Lisa Segear reviewed the monthly finances. Skatership is quite low, which is a problem (we are averaging around 8 per session; 13 is the break-even point). Motion to accept the Treasurer’s report passed unanimously.

Officials’ and Professionals’ Liaisons: No reports
Test Chair: October 27 is the next test session (14 tests).

Team Reports
o VCTI – Susan Harrington reported that the team open house will be October 27. Team schedule is in flux because of the USFS delay in scheduling the Excel event.
o OTI-14 skaters and the season is well under way. CE is a contradance, and they are working with a contradance caller.

New Business
New England Inter-Club Council (NEICC) delegates: we need 2 delegates. NEICC hosts a website with event calendar and results and they offer scholarships for education for officials. Nick Bond is willing to be one; Johnny Mendez will be the other.

o Team policies: extensive discussion led to revisions. Susan will circulate a revised policy for action next month. Discussion reflected in the attached draft.
o Other policies in need to revision: revise Team/Committee policy when we update the team policy.

File Storage and Distribution: Google drive possibilities: Johnny recommends we look at setting up google drive space for agenda/minutes policies

Monitor education on club membership: perhaps have a guide to CVSC membership in the monitor binders.

November agenda:
o Regionals 2021 bid
o CVSC bulletin board and tests passed lists need to be updated

Next meeting will be 14 November, 6:30 pm, Jessica Martorella’s condo meeting room in South Burlington (exact address to be emailed). Meeting adjourned, with unanimous consent, at 8:28.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan Harrington

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