August 2019

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August 14, 2019 6:30 p.m.

Ellsworth Segear & Company, Essex VT

Present: President Johnny Mendez; Secretary, VCTI liaison and sanctions officer Susan Harrington; Vice President Lisa Segear, Ice Coordinator Jessica Martorella, Bridget Thabault, Test Chair/Officials’ Liaison Donna Zarro; Professionals’ Liasion Jillian Frascoia

Meeting called to order at 6:38. Motion to approve the June minutes with corrections passed unanimously (add Jillian; change Bay State to North Shore; meeting to membership)

Treasurer’s Report:  Lisa Segear reviewed highlights of the club’s financial situation. CVO generated over $790 in profits. Membership fees are coming in; UVM ice expenses are already beginning to hit the account but will be defrayed by future ice payments.  Motion to accept the Treasurer’s report passed unanimously.

Old Business

  • CVO: Thanks to Jacque Waugh for her great leadership of the event. CVO attendance was a little lower, likely b/c of late registration; date; new NQS series.  For the future: we will move CVO to weekend of July 11, and work at being part of the NQS.
  • Regional Bid: no bid packet yet
  • Ice update: ice is reserved through spring 2020.
  • Website: update is in

Liaison Reports

  • Professionals’ Liaisons and Test Chair Reports:
    • CVSC (and VSA) are shouted out in the current Skating magazine for our membership/retention efforts.
    • There was some constructive response to the board desire to reduce # test sessions. Request for a summer session so that area skaters don’t have to go all the way to Lake Placid for a summer test.
    • Discussion of the need for test sessions to pay for themselves.  Perhaps moving to 3 during the school year, and possibly a summer session if the numbers permit. Discussion of having an earlier registration deadline for a summer session so that it could be canceled if not enough skaters are planning to come.
    • Tests for 2019-2020: discussion centered on November 2, February 1, May 2. (Leddy show is May 9).
  • Team Reports
  • VCTI: First rehearsal will be Sept 13.  Planning to have a family social event early in September as well.

New Business

  • Annual banquet—membership survey: we would like to have a volunteer who coordinates the banquet.  Need to do a survey to find out if people would be willing to spend more (and if so, how much); could also survey whether a Sunday at noon or Saturday evening would be preferable to a Wednesday evening. Any board member interested in coordinating this should let Johnny know within a week (otherwise we will seek someone in the club).
    • Ice liaison: Lisa Segear will step down as ice liaison after this year.  Need a replacement in place.
    • CVSC clothing sale: Robin Cooley will manage this again.  Orders usually due before Thanksgiving.
    • Adult and youth skater social media connections:  A coach passed along a request from an adult skater that the club ask minor skaters to unfriend adult skaters on any social media sites. Discussion of the 2019 Safesport update regarding electronic communication/social media. Sense of the board was that we should remind all members of the update, emphasizing the two-deep leadership policy now extends to electronic communications. This will be included in the club’s welcome back message.
    • Test session medical exemptions: request to reconsider the policy on medical refunds. Discussion of various issues (other regional club policies; competition policies; procedures in other sports/activities; possibility of partial refunds or application to future test sessions).  Our current policy is clearly in line with other clubs in the region. Test costs have not changed in many years in our club. May do future research but no change to policy at this point.

Next meeting will be 11 September, 6:30 pm, at Ellsworth Segear. Meeting adjourned, with unanimous consent, at 8:11 pm. 

Respectfully submitted, Susan Harrington

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