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Who is the NEICC?

The New England InterClub Council is an association of United States Figure Skating Association clubs. The

NEICC helps skaters, their families, and skating clubs by sharing information, ideas, and activities intended to

promote and provide opportunity for our skaters to develop their potential and their love of skating. The

NEICC meets in October, January and June.

The officers are:

President— Jerry Miele Secretary—Robert LaMontagne

Vice President—Rhonda Ainsworth Treasurer— Lee Murray

What we do!

1. NEICC hosts one of the top web sites for figure skating.

2. Posts a complete competition calendar on the web site.

3. Posts a list of test sites on the web site.

4. Posts competition and test applications on the web site.

5. Posts competition results on the web site.

6. NEICC hosts a Basic Skill page for skating schools.

7. NEICC can host your club’s web page at a minimal cost.

8. The council promotes figure skating competitions by sanctioning 6 per year under InterClub rules. With

trophies for the clubs with the most points at the end of the season.

9. The NEICC is starting a grant program for skaters Intermediate and below. Watch the web site for more


10. The NEICC supports club projects with a grant program.

11. Each Spring NEICC hosts a meeting to go over proposed rule changes to be presented at the USFSA

Governing Council meeting.

12. The council actively supports other programs, which will benefit the New England skating community and

in the past has sponsored Judges Schools and training programs for club level business management.

Meetings are held October—January – June.


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