February 2019

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Present: President Johnny Mendez; Secretary, VCTI liaison and sanctions officer Susan Harrington; Vice President Lisa Segear; Tom Kalamasz; OTI liaison Deborah Kalamasz, Ice Coordinator Jessica Martorella, Bridget Thabault, Membership officer Michele Straw, Test Chair/Officials’ Liaison Donna Zarro; Professionals’ Liasion Jillian Frascoia

Meeting called to order at 6:36. Motion to approve the January minutes passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report:  Lisa Segear reviewed highlights of the documents circulated in advance.  Reminders have been sent about outstanding ice contract fees (USFS policy is that members not in good standing by March 31 cannot purchase ice contracts or compete).  Motion to accept the Treasurer’s report passed unanimously.

Old Business

  • Bay State Games: CVSC skaters had an excellent experience at Bay State Games—the camaraderie was tremendous!  Photos to come on both the web and bulletin boards.

Liaison Reports

  • Professionals’ Liaisons: no report/questions.
  • Officials’ Liaison: Nick Bond has been appointed a regional technical controller!  Hurray!
  • Test Chair: Test session on March 9 is drawing more outside testers than club members.
  • Team Reports
  • VCTI Festival update: we have 11 participating teams and 18 starts.  The Festival is shaping up well.  The team is helping at Leddy’s Costume Party on Ice.
  • OTI: OTI’s snack bar fundraiser earned over $250 and a second one is coming up. Programs are developing well.

New Business

  • Annual Banquet: Should we consider moving away from Colchester High School?  Jillian described the fancy club banquets of her childhood in the club.  Decided to keep at Colchester HS for this year; may explore other options for the future.
  • Leddy spring ice: Leddy is offering possibility of spring ice that would be run via Leddy.  Discussion of pros/cons of splitting spring ice between Leddy and Cairns.  Could explore having parent monitors at Leddy ice. Sense of the table is that for Spring 2020 we will book more ice via Leddy (details about ice monitoring to be worked out).
  • CVO/Regionals update:
    • CVO (July 6 and 7) announcement is almost done and officials are being recruited.  May change the date for 2020 because the 4th of July is on a Friday—we may explore moving it to first weekend in August.
    • Regionals: Johnny is reaching out to people to secure an advisory and organizing committee.
  • Website and social media: Johnny will be having a conversation with a club parent about a future vision for our website. A CVSC Instagram account will be forthcoming.
  • Governing Council:  Vicki Hildebrand will be our club representative at Governing Council.  Donna Zarro reported that USFS is considering a move to single-panel judging (Canada already does this).

Next meeting will be 13 March, 6:30 pm, at Jessica’s condo meeting room. Meeting adjourned, with unanimous consent, at 7:34. 

Respectfully submitted, Susan Harrington

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