January 2019 Minutes

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Present: President Johnny Mendez; Secretary, VCTI liaison and sanctions officer Susan Harrington; Vice President Lisa Segear; Tom Kalamasz; OTI liaison Deborah Kalamasz, Bridget Thabault, Membership officer Michele Straw

Meeting called to order at 6:40. Motion to approve the December minutes passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report:  Lisa Segear reviewed highlights of the documents circulated in advance. Last year at this time we had $7,000 more on hand than we do this year, and that difference is almost entirely due to ice revenue.  Motion to accept the Treasurer’s report passed unanimously.

Old Business

  • Skating Month Event: Leddy’s celebration was fun! 5 CVSC skaters helped out.  Essex may also host an event; Jillian will look into it.

Liaison Reports

  • Professionals’ Liaisons: question about whether area coaches who are not currently CVSC coaches can coach on our ice.  Clarified our process for fielding new coach assignments for new LTS skaters, and clarified the fact that any LTS coach would need to be at least an associate member of the club (in the event that all current CVSC coaches were full and we needed to approach an area LTS coach who was qualified but not yet a CVSC member).
  • Officials’ Liaison: no report. 
  • Test Chair: Test session was scheduled in January because it was the only open ice between October and March.  We have 7 CVSC skaters testing (27 tests total for the session).
  • Team Reports
  • VCTI We have built a wall!  Props and costumes are coming along.  Festival planning is underway.  Registration deadline February 8.
  • OTI: Practice for long program is underway and the long program has been cast. It’s a riff on the Ed Sullivan show. This Saturday is their first snack bar fundraiser for the Colchester team.

New Business

  • Background check reimbursement discussion: Discussion of Safesport updates, locker room monitors, and whether reimbursement for volunteers is needed. Motion to reimburse Safesport-required volunteer background check fees, upon recommendation of event chairs, passed unanimouslyMotion to reimburse Safesport and background fees required for any board position passed unanimously. Susan will forward information about locker room monitor requirements.
  • Ice coordinator report on ice usage: Average skatership at our sessions:  Sunday 1st hour-9; 2nd hour-7; Monday-8; Saturday 1st hour-8; 2nd hour-10.  Our break-even point is 13 skaters.  We have money banked to pay for ice, but it is evident that this situation raises fiscal concerns.
  • Updating bulletin boards: we will doublecheck with Robin.

Next meeting will be 13 February, 6:30 pm, location TBA. Meeting adjourned, with unanimous consent, at 7:50. 

Respectfully submitted, Susan Harrington

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