March 2019

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CHAMPLAIN VALLEY SKATING CLUB BOARD MONTHLY MEETING March 13, 2019 6:30 p.m. 101 Eldredge Street, South Burlington VT not final until approved by the board at a subsequent meeting

Present: President Johnny Mendez; Secretary, VCTI liaison and sanctions officer Susan Harrington; Vice President Lisa Segear; Tom Kalamasz; OTI liaison Deborah Kalamasz, Ice Coordinator Jessica Martorella, Bridget Thabault, Test Chair/Officials’ Liaison Donna Zarro; Professionals’ Liasion Jillian Frascoia

Meeting called to order at 6:39. Motion to approve the February minutes passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report:  Lisa Segear reviewed highlights of the documents circulated in advance.  Teams will be billed for their ice bills when Lisa pays Cairns.  Motion to accept the Treasurer’s report passed unanimously.

Old Business

  • Annual Banquet: Banquet is set for May 15th at Colchester High School. Note for future: try to avoid the first 2 weeks of May because it is AP testing and that may be a high-pressure week for students; this date was the only one possible given other conflicts with the CHS schedule.
  • CVO: Sanction approved by USFS. Skate Canada sanction application is in the works.

Liaison Reports

  • Professionals’ Liaisons: Jillian presented several issues :
    • Coach request to consider more conversation with Leddy regarding the spring ice possibilities.  Next year we will coordinate earlier with Leddy; it is a good thing to promote Leddy ice usage when possible.
    • Concerns about wording on contracts and preserving a welcoming tone, especially for newer members. Discussion about ways we can promote more communication in advance of new skaters joining us, and promote clear and welcoming communication with members more generally.
  • Officials’ Liaison: No news.
  • Test Chair: Test session on March 9 was successful (including one pass with honors). Next session is May 4.  
  • Team Reports
  • VCTI: Dress rehearsals start this week! Festival planning is underway and the team welcomes all volunteers and spectators. 5 officials are coming, including the chair of the Theatrical Skating Committee.
  • OTI: Practices and dress rehearsals underway. OTI will have a new CE costume this year, thanks to an anonymous donor.

New Business

  • IP Coach Rate Increase: There has not been an increase in IP fees for some time.  The rate has been $16/hour for the coach in the IP program; this year Leddy raised its introductory IP rate to $20 for summer figure skating school.  There has been some inconsistency in coach fees for IP through the club, but it is important that fees be consonant with policies published.  Motion to raise the IP coach rate to $20/session, effective with spring ice, passed unanimously.
    • PSA Program Ad: Martha requested that the club consider taking an ad in the PSA.  The issue was discussed and no action was taken.
    • VSA Coaches on IP: Coaches in VSA are all Learn-to-Skate-certified (with appropriate Safe Sport).  CVSC policy is that coaches must be full or associate members to coach regularly (any USFS-member coach can guest coach 6 sessions). Jillian will explore possibilities with coaches (including potential cross-over or spring-only associate coach membership).  Discussion meandered into several spring ice etiquette issues.
    • Succession Planning: There will be one vacancy on the board at the end of this year (Michele Straw’s term is ending, after 6 years of service!) and next year there may be an additional one or two.  We will need a new treasurer after 2019-20.  Personal recruitment is the best tool!

Next meeting will be 10 April, 6:30 pm, at Jessica’s condo meeting room, 101 Eldredge St, South Burlington. Meeting adjourned, with unanimous consent, at 8:05 pm.  May meeting will be immediately following the banquet on the 15th.

Respectfully submitted, Susan Harrington

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