December 2018 Minutes

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note: minutes are not final until approved by the board at its next meeting.


December 19, 2018 6:30 p.m. Martorella Condo Conference Room, South Burlington VT

Present: President Johnny Mendez; Secretary, VCTI liaison and Sanctions officer Susan Harrington; Professionals’ Liaison Jillian Frascoia; Jessica Martorella,

Meeting called to order at 6:35. Motion to approve the November minutes passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report:  Lisa Segear’s documents were reviewed. Down-payment on Cairns ice was a major expense in this past month.  Motion to accept the Treasurer’s report passed unanimously.

Old Business

  • Circulating minutes to members: After last month’s discussion, Johnny set up a blog on the CVSC website that will be used to post draft minutes. We will post minutes to the blog, noted as draft-until-approved-by-the-board, after the board has offered corrections to the secretary.
  • Regionals bid: Maida Townsend and Shelly & Doug Allen are interested in helping during Regionals. Next step: looking at current membership to take on key LOC positions
  • CVO: Jackye Waugh and Gabby Kalinen are doing a great job. Announcement is underway and other arrangements are in the works.
  • Ice monitor education: Documents for ice monitors are in the works.

Liaison Reports

  • Professionals’ Liaisons: Jillian had a question from coach regarding whether skaters have to be a USFS member to skate on our ice (yes) and whether a skater can have a learn-to-skate membership and skate on our ice (yes)
  • Officials’ Liaison: Donna sent a report in advance. Jackye Waugh and Donna Zarro judged tests at Potsdam FS with the new Excel format.
  • Test Chair: Donna reported that there are 26 tests on the January test session; we will need additional ice, which Lisa is arranging. Hospitality and announcing help are needed. Burlington schools are not closed for MLK Jr day this year so perhaps we should consider timing for next year.
  • Team Reports
  • VCTI – Susan reported that the show in December was terrific. Team had a terrific time being interviewed by the news.

New Business

  • Background check reimbursement discussion: Discussion of Safesport updates, locker room monitors, and whether reimbursement for volunteers is needed. We will return to this next time. Item tabled until next time.
  • Documenting process/institutional knowledge: We need to document what our experienced volunteers have been doing/what’s needed in their roles for the club.
  • National Skating Month: January 6 is National Skating Month celebration at Leddy. 1st week of Feb would be good for Essex tabling.

Possible January-or-future agenda items:

  • CVO/Regionals update
  • Background check reimbursement
  • Ice monitor education/membership docs
  • Updating of tests passed on bulletin board.
  • Skatership report

Next meeting will be 9 January, 6:30 pm, Jessica Martorella’s condo meeting room in South Burlington. Meeting adjourned, with unanimous consent, at 7:51.

Respectfully submitted, Susan Harrington

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