Vermont Children’s Theatre on Ice (VCTI)

Northeast Theatre on Ice
VCTI is the first children’s theatre figure skating troupe in the United States. Since our founding 25 years ago, skating organizations throughout the United States have started theatre on ice troupes. VCTI represents Vermont every year at the U.S. Figure Skating’s Theatre on Ice’s (TOI) National Competition and performs in some of the local figure skating shows.

Vermont Theatre on Ice

If you notice smiles on our skaters’ faces, it’s because they have a great time skating together. The coaches and parents of VCTI have created a positive place for skaters to make friends, express their creativity, have fun and hone their skills.

We welcome new figure skaters under 21-years-old and who have passed the pre-preliminary moves in the field test. Our team trains every Friday morning before school in Gordon Pacquette Ice Arena at Leddy Park. Our choreographed skating routines always have an imaginative theme and costumes.

VCTI host new skater events each year. If you are interested in talking to someone about your child joining the team contact VCTI.

Team Coach Martha Harding
Assistant Coach Jennifer Lupia

December 16, 2017    Burlington Parks and Recreation Show “The Gift”, Burlington, VT
March 24, 2018          Northeast Theater On Ice Festival, Burlington, VT
April 2017                    Spring Ice Show, Burlington, VT
May 12, 2018              Spotlight on Ice, Kingston, MA
June 3, 2018               North Shore Skating Competition, Reading, MA


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