Testing Information

Upcoming Test Sessions

October 16, 2021 10:15 am – 1:15 pm

Sign up today via our EntryEeze portal

Deadline is October 1, 2021

Please check back for future test dates

Please note:  Test dates are subject to change and are dependent upon the availability of officials and number of applications received. 

 PLEASE note the WARM UP time of your test when the schedule is posted.  You need to be at the rink, ready to skate if necessary, 1 hour before the SCHEDULED warm up time.  We will never let a session get more than an hour ahead.  Obviously the 1 hour rule can be shortened if your test is early in the session.   US Figure Skating requires that skaters testing at a club other than their home club submit a permission to test form of some nature.  Below is an acceptable form:

Test Permission

If you would like to keep one on file that you can fill in with static information:

Test Permission Word  

For questions, please contact our test chair, Donna Zarro dlbzarro@gmail.com

CVSC Test Session Guidelines

  1. A test application will be considered “on time” if the test chairperson receives it no later than 5 PM on the “received by” date listed on the application.  An application that is late must include the late fee listed on the application PER TEST.
  2. Applications will be processed in the order they are received.  Postmarks are not used in this process.  Please make every effort to get your application in before the deadline.  Test sessions are sometimes full before the application deadline.  The test chair will attempt to accommodate late arrivals but this is not always possible.
    1. If there is insufficient ice time for all requests or if judge availability limits the tests, the applications included in the schedule will be determined by date received within club affiliation:
      1. CVSC
      2. CVSC Associate Members
      3. All others, in the order received
    2. This order applies as follows:
      1. Applications received by the deadline will be scheduled first
      2. Late applications will be scheduled as time permits and must include the late fee PER TEST
  3. Tests are scheduled only after the test chair receives an application signed by the skater’s coach, skater (parent if skater is a minor) and all fees are paid.  If you are not a home club member of CVSC, you must have a letter of permission from your home club Test Chair or club officer (President, Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer).
  4. Test fees will only be refunded for canceled tests only if the club is unable to get judges or sufficient ice time.
  5. Skaters must be at the rink 60 minutes prior to their scheduled warm up time.
  6. The only persons permitted to view test results are the coach, skater and parents.  A skater may choose to share their results with others but no one is allowed to view the results of other skaters without permission.
  7. The club will post the test schedule on the website no less than 48 hours prior to the test date.  In most cases it will be posted 5 to 7 days before the test date.
  8. Tests taken outside of a regularly scheduled test session at the request of a skater or coach are subject to an additional $10 administration fee if accommodated (typically only tests that can be judged by a single judge will be considered).

Amended May 27, 2016

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